LETTER: Bowling club in appeal for photos

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Your letters

We are looking for some help from the long standing community of Horsham. Horsham Bowling Club (green bowling) was founded in 1906 in the Bishopric and a lot of Horsham people will have known some of the numerous members whom would have played for the club over that time.

Although they have a written history of the club they are looking for more pictorial information in the way of photographs of the earlier years. They are appealing to anyone whom are aware their grandparents participated in bowls if they would blow the cobwebs off those albums in the attic and discover some real treasures for them. If they can give or loan them they would be eternally grateful.

We know several Horsham businesses had a hand in forming the original club such as Charles Agate, Bryce Departmental Store, Camplin Chemist, James King Brewer, King and Barnes Brewers, Trelfers Jewellers and Wakefield jewellers to mention a few. If your grandparents worked for companies such as these there maybe a chance you possess such photos.

The need for this information is that Horsham Bowling Club have come from a depressing ‘low’ on hearing that they had to make way for the new John Lewis Store to a real ‘high’ on achieving a brand new pavilion and bowling green in Pondtail Road. It has given them real opportunities that now include shortmat bowls and to remain open the whole year.

It is because of the impending official opening of the green in May that they are looking for supporting exhibition material.

They are now going into exiting times and to appreciate where this is taking them ‘they must know where they have come from’.

Any help that the Horsham community can offer would be appreciated. Please email me at tony.bacot1@btinternet.com or call 01403 260430


Skylark View, Horsham