LETTER: Boneshaking ride along pavements

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Your letters

It is good that the roads in Horsham are being repaired. As a recent user of a mobility scooter may I put in a plea for the pavements to be improved as well.

My daily journey of only three quarters of a mile is a real bone-shaker and having ventured further afield I know that matters get even worse.

Another plea, this time to motorists, could you please not park your vehicles on, or half on, the pavements and not across the drops in the kerb so awkward and frustrating situations occur when the need to cross the road arises.

Whilst on the subject of mobility scooters I have noticed that many users are very inconsiderate.

They should remember that pedestrians have right of way on the pavements and that not all of them can see or hear the scooters approach.


Depot Road, Horsham