LETTER: Bin charges will inevitably go up

John Baugh’s letter about HDC’s new charges rightly points out that the charge for this ‘year’ is in fact only for ten months but I suspect that this is only the thin end of the wedge as charges will inevitably increase annually.

I believe that Haywards Heath residents were charged the HDC figure initially but it is now £60!

I think it is completely farcical that HDC can state on their website that “it is fairer that only residents that chose to participate in the garden waste collection scheme should pay for the service”.

On that basis, they could charge for any ‘service’, even general waste collections.

Finally, am I alone in thinking that bins left on the pavement are a hazard and a potential danger to pedestrians with prams, in wheelchairs or with visual impairment.

I leave mine on the edge of my property but after collection the street sometimes resembles a slalom course.


Wallis Way, Horsham