LETTER: Beauty provides signpost to God

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Your letters

I don’t know if you have been watching the Winter Olympics in Russia recently but I have. What has made it extra special is the stunning mountain scenery.

When you ski you have both the excitement and exhilaration of the speed as well as the enjoyment of the amazing landscape around you.

Both those elements are what makes ski-ing so enjoyable.

The Bible says that our world didn’t just happen by chance but was by design. Actually it says that the world around us, in all its beauty, reveals the character, power and nature of God.

That actually mankind doesn’t need any more proof of God’s existence than what we see around us.

People will forever debate the creation versus evolution argument.

Can we really look at the world around us and conclude that this all happened through a random colliding of space matter?

The world around us in all its beauty and breathtaking wonder is there not just for our pleasure and enjoyment but as a signpost to God.


Pastor, Christian Life Centre, East Street, Horsham