LETTER: Be very wary of vague assurances

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Cllr Vickers, our planning supremo, tells us that her new Chief Planning Officer (Mr Lyons) is now talking to Horsham Football Club (HFC) about the possibility of a site on the Liberty housing development on 800 acres of land north of the A264.

I notice that in Mr Blevins’ article last week (12.2.15, p24) he does not mention that at all in the many things he is going to do for the Horsham community.

So yet another myth peddled by Cllr Vickers with just over 70 days to her election in Southwater?

He mentions 2,500 private and affordable homes – but doesn’t say how many of the latter he will build (meeting HDC’s 35 per cent target would be 875 homes).

He is going to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place – exactly what does that mean – especially when Liberty is getting off Scot-free from the CIL charge.

He waxes lyrical about ‘our new business park’ yet in the only other big project this America company has undertaken, they have not attracted businesses to fill their 2m acre industrial and warehouse park in Kent and now want to fill that site with more houses.

The local parish council, West Malling, strongly criticised Liberty in October 2013 for how Liberty had crammed in the houses and not delivered infrastructure promised and thereby let the community down.

Mr Blevins doesn’t mention the crematorium, the railway station, the catchment of any new secondary school with pupils from Crawley thereby robbing people in North Horsham and Roffey of sending children to Forest and Millais schools.

The public should be very wary of these vague assurances. At the next election people should vote out those that imposed this Hobson’s choice on us to stop ‘Crawsham’ from becoming a reality.


Tennyson Close, Horsham