LETTER: Be very careful with precious vote

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Your letters

It was interesting to read that Cllr Helena Croft and Cllr Jim Rae were both de-selected on February 14 for candidacy in the May election.

This followed them making complaints to the national Conservative Party Board about the process and procedure of their own Conservative Association, a complaint that was rejected [WSCT 19 February, page 13].

On social media Mr Rae has some sympathetic comments from some friends who seem to have no idea why the very august body that were once their party supporters dumped them.

Mr Rae’s supporters only have to read the letters pages in this newspaper over the past 18 months to understand why Mrs Croft and Mr Rae were so out of touch with their electorate [particularly about housing plans for North Horsham] and gave the impression that they knew better than ordinary folk. Both chose to shun the County Times Free Speech Charter.

This story has wider implications for all of us throughout the Horsham District.

The election on 7 May is an opportunity for all electors to ask whether the incumbent councillors in their ward, north and south of the District, are each worth the minimum of £4,665 annual allowance and their support.

What have they done that has made a difference not only in their ward, but also across the whole district?

Have they just done the bidding of leader Cllr Ray Dawe?

Do we really want councillors who just roll over?

How many of them read and understand the voluminous reports before them when they vote?

Who amongst them have signed the Free Speech Charter, surely a prerequisite to any support by the constituency members. We should all be careful how we use our precious vote this May.


Langhurstwood Road, Horsham