Letter: Battle over a parking penalty

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Please could you publish this letter appealing for other parties who attempted, without success, to pay for parking in the Worthing Union Place car park on 15th May 2018 (or other dates) to join me in fighting NCP’s unjustified penalty charges.

I telephoned the customer services number displayed on the terms and conditions board as I was unable to operate the ticket machine to pay for two hours of parking. The call from my mobile at 13.55 hours cost me several £s and put me into the third hour parking charge bracket, whilst the girl I explained my problems to went away to consult a colleague.

She came back with a suggestion, but ‘could not guarantee that I would not receive a Penalty Charge Notice’. I told her that was outrageous as I was more than willing to pay.

My further attempt to pay with coins, having inserted my registration number again, failed. A lady at the next meter had a similar problem so attempted to use a card (which did not work either) and she had to hurry off to an appointment.

My subsequent appeal to NCP, enclosing a cheque for £3.80 has failed as they state ‘we also offer customers the option to pay by phone using the Ringgo pay by phone service’ yet the girl at their customer services did not refer me to this option? They say I have reached the end of their internal appeals procedure and must pay £60 by 12th June or £100 to reach them by 26th June!

I will have to pay as cannot risk the consequences of not doing so but I do intend to pursue this matter further (I thought with the Office of Fair Trading but hear they no longer deal directly with the public; so maybe I will have to go to the Small Claims Court to reclaim my £60?). I can provide details of my further grounds for appeal against this fine.

Valerie Stringer (Mrs)

Saxon Road, Steyning