Letter: Battle of the Bands too noisy

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Last Saturday, the ‘Battle of the Bands’ rock bands were in full throat at 4pm.

Sitting in my garden in Hurst Road, the surrounding backing music was muted but the shrill and off-tune voice of the singer went on and on, number after number.

What those ‘enjoying’ this concert probably were not aware of when they screwed the amplifiers to maximum was how sound travels in Horsham Park. From its centre in the Nature Garden, the sound goes up in an arc, is carried by the wind and sweeps down to reverberate against the front of the Victorian houses in Hurst Road. The ensuing noise was as loud in my garden as when I walked directly passed it into town.

Whilst I am in support of music in the park and on many occasions have enjoyed the bandstand recitals, it must be born in mind that the park is an amenity for all and to pollute the air in any way is not only selfish but gives Horsham a bad name and makes us complicit in turning a cultural place into anything but.

Who is responsible for monitoring how those granted planning permission to have events like this use their equipment? Whoever it was on Saturday, they failed miserably.

Angela Brittain

Hurst Road, Horsham