LETTER: Ball lightning - not the first time for Horsham

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Your letters

I was most interested to read the article in WSCT, regarding ball lightning seen at Mannings Heath (June 20).

This is not the first time it has occurred in Horsham.

My father, Gordon King, and his two sisters were watching a severe thunder storm from a window of the family home in the Bishopric, when there was a flash of lightning right over head.

The next moment they saw a ball of coloured fire, about the size of a football slowly rolling along the telephone wires from their home towards the insulator, attached to a chimney, on the cottage opposite.

On reaching this there was a huge explosion and the chimney was cut off level with the roof, and the bricks clattered down the roof and fell into the Bishopric.

I believe this occurred during the hot summer of 1911.

It would be most interesting if WSCT has a record of this event.


Smithers Hill Lane, Shipley