LETTER: ‘Bad feeling’ about whole process

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The County Times website (16.01.2014) reported that during a Scrutiny and Overview committee meeting Cllr David Skipp (Lib Dem, Roffey North) proposed that the committee set up a working group to look at whether Horsham District Council’s (HDC) current housing strategy was ‘plan- led’ or ‘developer-led’.

The paper reported that: ‘But Brian O’Connell (Con, Henfield) and other members felt the timing was wrong as the strategy had not yet been completed. He explained: ‘There will be further consultation and the public will have their chance to have their say and it might not be North Horsham yet. That’s not decided in any way, shape or form’.

This was as recently as January 2014. In another issue considered by HDC’s development meeting on (21.01.2014) to discuss two transport contributions, Cllr O’Connell said; ‘I have got a bad feeling about this, we could get it wrong. Cycle paths are a total waste of money, but this site will be adding to cars on the road, so there should be a transport charge. I don’t understand why the mechanics went so wrong’.

Maybe we have a ‘bad feeling’ about the way Cllr O’Connell has been elevated despite the full page by Cllr Dawe trying to shrug off this whole matter. Cllr Ray Dawe insulted the Horsham electorate by suggesting we are more interested in a council tax freeze than the role he had in the deselection of the chairman-elect of HDC.


Owlscastle Close, Horsham