LETTER: ‘Authority too close to developer’

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It was with much interest that I read Nicholas Butler’s note. He identified the link between Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners (another firm of consultants employed by Horsham District Council) and Liberty Property Trust who are the developers of choice by HDC for the North Horsham housing and industrial development in our ‘green belt’ between Horsham and Crawley.

Using the search words and typed exactly with the double quotation marks: “Liberty Property” NEAR “Nathaniel Lichfield” Mr Butler finds the two companies do quite a lot of work together up and down the country.

It appears that Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners are Liberty’s partner of choice when it comes to so-called ‘independent consultants’.

North Horsham Parish Council (NHPC) said in their alternative housing strategy that what is taking place is: ‘A classic example a local authority becoming too close to a developer…’ (para 16), so why am I not surprised that HDC has used Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners to tell them that they need a 500,000 sq ft industrial park?


Orchard Road, Horsham