LETTER: Authorities ride roughshod over us

Your letters
Your letters

You asked for our views on Christian Mitchell’s article in County Times (03/04/14) and I would like to say that I entirely agree with him in that the Stategic Gaps around Horsham (not only in the north) should be maintained.

Horsham is described as a market town but it is fast becoming a city and losing its identity. It should remain as the attractive hub town for surrounding beautiful villages, and if all this additional housing must take place then surely it would be more in keeping to build a new village with the necessary infrastructure so preserving the nature of the area.

I’m sure I am not alone in feeling that it seems pointless for us individuals to try to get our protestations heard as the Government, developers and in many instances the local Council ride roughshod over us and do whatever suits them regardless of the views of local residents.

We need more people like Christian Mitchell to stand up and support the views of local people. Perhaps if enough of us join him then we may be listened to, although I doubt it. To quote another reader’s letter in the same edition of CT, “What happened to happy Horsham?”.


Lambs Farm Road, Horsham