Letter: Arrogance and extravagance

WHERE are the public-spirited independent candidates for the next local elections? You must be out there somewhere!

If we sit here and put up with the apparent arrogance, extravagance and incompetence of Horsham District Council our apathy will get what it deserves - more of the same. Lord help us when the Government takes off the brakes on the ‘rate freeze’.

HDC please note - the party is over. Executive telephone number salaries are no longer acceptable. The sum of £280,000 spent on ‘experts’ is unnacceptable. Increased allowances for councillors are unnacceptable.

The sale of Horsham’s old town hall and existing sports facilities are unnacceptable. Contracts awarded to large companies should be seen to be put out to tender and deals rigorously inspected and audited - and guarantees properly ensured. How much ratepayers’ money has been spent on The Forum in Horsham since it was first completed?

The patience of the ratepayer has been amazing - but it is possible that, in the not too distant future, the worm will turn and we will have to consider (as a last resort) withdrawing our financial support.

Let’s have some humility and a realisation that our council is there to serve, not to dictate. We already have a ‘cabinet’ - will we have ‘ministers’ next?

Please let’s have some new blood next time round, and before you ask why don’t I stand, I’m 80 and ready for the skip.

Happy New Year to all your readers (including HDC)...


Church Road, Partridge Green