Letter: appalled at North Horsham plan

I AM APPALLED at the North Horsham development plans. At present, Horsham is still a pleasant and busy town (although due to house building in recent years there are perhaps too many people for the town’s infrastructure causing difficulties in parking etc).

This plan would totally destroy forever a large area of open greenfield countryside used by people in North Horsham for cycling and walking.

This goes back on previous agreements that there would be no further development north of the bypass.

Massive local house building of this nature will bring in people from far afield rather than provide homes for locals. Roads will become gridlocked and town centre parking will become much more difficult and expensive.

Of course, the big bribe is that a new hospital will be built; what a better way of winning over local people!

Mr Blevins talks about Kings Hill in West Malling as an example of what his company has done in the past and invites readers to visit.

Well, if you know the area and what was there before, a small historic airfield surrounded with green fields, you will know what a disaster this development was.

It has not brought jobs to the area and large amounts of the business space are still unlet.

Finally, we are told that these proposals would create jobs; from where?


Brook Road, North Horsham