LETTER: Answers on a postcard please

Your letters
Your letters

It is alarming to read in the national newspapers that some young children - or should I say, ‘kids’ - are unable to write even the simplest sentence – using either pencil or pen and ink. All due to the ever increasing influence of information technology.

Now in my 70s, I am keen to try and keep apace with the ever changing face of the brave new look Horsham but also the everyday language used by shop assistants – not to mention journalists. For example, your pull out supplement has to be called, ‘WOW – 24/7’ – in order to attract younger readers, I assume?

Other examples. I would be grateful if your readers could let me know the meaning of ‘stepping up to the plate’ – a phrase increasingly used by politicians.

Also, what on earth is a ‘selfie’? And what does the business term, ‘outside the envelope’ mean? On the same theme, why has the ‘railway station’ become the ‘train station’?

And why do call centre staff pronounce the letter ‘h’ as ‘haitch’ – and try to correct my own pronunciation? Is this the way youngsters are taught these days?

I realise that language is constantly changing – but is it changing for the better? Standard English is one of the richest in the world so let us hope and pray that the effect of globalisation does not reduce the handwritten word to that of the text message.

Also food for thought. Looking to the future, how will those interested in their family history be able to find accurate records of our times – given our increasingly paperless society, single parents and same-sex marriage etc. Answers on a postcard – in writing please!


Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham