LETTER: Another oddity in council exhibition

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Your letters

Mr Delgado is right to be suspicious of the how the town name ‘Cambridge’ came to feature in Horsham District Council’s (HDC) leaflets on how to complete a representation in this public consultation (WSCT June 12 p40).

He correctly points out that Liberty is building a huge development in Cambridge too.

Mr Delgado stated in his letter that cabinet member Cllr Vickers sought to explain it away to him by saying that it was a ‘printing’ error. But here’s another oddity for HDC to answer.

I too attended the public exhibition (which opened after lunch time at 2pm making it difficult for town centre workers to visit during their lunch break). On one of the several poster boards was a photograph of a ‘barrow boy’ with fruit in his barrow for sale. On closer examination of the photograph it revealed that the produce that he was selling had a price label with the price in US dollars! The ‘$’ symbol marking the currency that his produce was for sale in.

Liberty’s parent company is in Philadelphia, USA. So my open questions to Cllr Vickers (cabinet member responsible for planning) and Cllr Croft (cabinet member responsible for communications) is who provided that photograph to HDC’s for their poster board? Did Liberty or Crickmay have any involvement, at all (including advising) in the design of the poster boards for the public exhibition including sourcing, submitting and placing that photograph? HDC must keep hold of all the poster boards, as the Inspector will need to see exactly what was displayed to the public during this statutory consultation (which ends at 4pm on Friday, 27 June).

There are just too many coincidences aren’t there? As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes said: ‘when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’

Janette Butler

Rusper Road, Littlehaven