LETTER: Another elephant in crowded room

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Your letters

On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak at a CPRE Hustings event, in Horsham Drill Hall.

One member of the audience was not permitted to question the impact of immigration on housing need, but my response would have been as follows.

Around 300,000 incomers pa need over 100,000 affordable houses pa, at a cost of over £10bn pa - assuming that we don’t want them in sub-standard accommodation.

The extra infrastructure cost, along with Job Seeker’s Allowance for those displaced from jobs, could easily double that cost.

Middle income earners (who have suffered fiscal drag) will probably have to carry much of the extra financial burden, while we all feel the impact on NHS, schools and roads - which does not seem to have been planned for.

Just one more elephant in a room that is already overcrowded.


Horsham district councillor for Chanctonbury ward and UKIP parliamentary candidate for Horsham, North Street, Horsham