LETTER: Another element of a hidden agenda

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Your letters

In your pages of publication 28 November there is much new information on a mooted multiplex cinema in the centre of Horsham.

Whether this is a positive development for Horsham will no doubt be debated at length, especially the clear threat to the future of the Capitol which such a facility would bring.

What does seem clear is that this is yet another element of a hidden agenda by Horsham District Council.

We now know that the site proposed for the cinema is the re-development at the end of Swan Walk which is jointly owned by Horsham District Council and Aviva Investments.

The company Trend, the current tenant, pays rent to HDC and Aviva, and to free up this site for a cinema would mean the relocation of Trend.

It has long been mooted that the proposed Business Park [HDC Planning Framework - Preferred Strategy] could be of interest to Trend, although they would only require a relatively modest proportion of this site.

The problem with this is the sacrifice of green belt land north of the A264 and further coalescence with Crawley.

There are of course other options for a Trend relocation which would not involve the crass building over of green fields.

We now know that there is every likelihood that the HDC offices in North Street will become available in 2015.

There is also allocated land for business use in other areas around Horsham, and now even the Novartis site.

Of course we all know that HDC is working hand in glove with the American developer Liberty for a developer-led strategy for a 500,000 square feet business park, supermarket and 2,500 houses in our countryside.


Langhurstwood Road,