Letter: An uplifting experience

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In the current climate of negativity regarding many parts of our daily lives it is easy to forget the positive aspects of our community, volunteering being one of them..

At a recent local event volunteers from the Phoenix Stroke Club were awarded a creditation for all that they offer to its members.

Volunteers don’t expect praise for time spent with interesting people.

Time that is pleasurable, where mutual respect is given and where you can inspire and be inspired.

However, by investing in volunteers the award showed the value and appreciation of them. There are many groups in Horsham who would welcome your time, skills and energy.

With so much else to focus on there never seems to be enough time. Do we even consider how we could make a difference to someone else’s life?

Supporting and encouraging another person during challenging times can be an uplifting experience that enhances our own mental health and wellbeing.

Giving up some of our time suggests we are ‘losing’ some of it when in fact we gain so much more.

valerie strachan

Eastgate Mews, Horsham