Letter: All will be welcomed

I’D LIKE to thank Mary McCallen (letters, January 19) for providing us with the opportunity to assure parents and families who might be interested in sending their children to a school in Southwater, that both Horsham Churches Together and Oasis are passionate about ensuring that all children are included.

The Oasis Southwater Community School will be a local school for local children and will be open to children from all religions as well as those with none. We will not discriminate on any grounds including ability – any child who wants to attend will be welcome and will be actively included. The Oasis ethos makes this absolutely clear:

A passion to INCLUDE everyone.

A desire to treat everyone EQUALLY respecting differences.

A commitment to healthy open RELATIONSHIPS.

Horsham Churches Together fully supports this ethos and will work with Oasis to ensure this is at the centre of how the new school operates.

We know that parents in Southwater are already used to schools that provide high quality education and will not tolerate anything less. Oasis’ track record of delivering high quality education in academies across the country gives us confidence that they are very capable of delivering a school with high educational standards.

Our aim is to provide another school delivering education of as a high a standard as the other secondary schools in the area, giving parents in Southwater the choice of sending their children to a school in village or to schools in Horsham depending on their preference.


Chief executive, Horsham Matters, on behalf of Horsham Churches Together

Blatchford Road, Horsham