LETTER: Air noise blight from experiment

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Your letters

In recent days Warnham has suffered the blight of aircraft noise from planes which have been flying patterns which, previously, were unheard of.

These aircraft are, one per minute, overflying Warnham. After investigation, we have discovered that these patterns are ‘experimental’ and the surrounding population are being treated as guinea pigs for the National Air Traffic Services and Civil Aviation. This experiment will last six months.

This strikes me as a cynical ploy to prepare us, by stealth tactics, for the future disruption we all will suffer throufgh changes in flight patterns to accommodate further traffic at Gatwick and the spectre of a new southerly runway.

It is important therefore that all of us send our objections, in writing, to those who are implementing these proposed changes.

Otherwise they will be able to merely say they received no objections to the ‘experiement’ they are now conducting.


Three Stile Road, Warnham