LETTER: Advantages of lines for cyclists

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Mr Hillman and any other drivers who are concerned about the new green advanced stop lines (ASLs) for cyclists on Albion Way, may like to know that the main aim of this project was to reduce congestion for motorists by updating the traffic light controls.

Research shows that ASLs do not disadvantage motorists. They are very cheap to install and may even improve traffic flow slightly because they let cyclists sit at the front of the queue where it is easier for motorists to overtake when the lights change. By moving the vehicle stop line back, ASLs also make it safer for pedestrians to cross the junction.

What probably comes as a surprise to many drivers is that statistics repeatedly show that, in more than two-thirds of collisions, it is the motorist who is at fault – often for not looking properly – but it is almost always the cyclist, not the motorist, who gets injured.

ASLs can give cyclists a small safety benefit by allowing them to position themselves where they can be seen in front of left-turning vehicles that might otherwise crush them - this ‘left-hooking’ was the cause of death for so many cyclists in London last year.

Until now, cyclists on Albion Way were frequently left stranded at traffic lights that refused to go green because there were no cars around to trigger them.

The new ASLs should largely solve this because they have ‘butterfly loops’ to detect any (metal) bike passing over them.

ASLs are a small contribution towards making it safer, more convenient and more pleasant to cycle instead of using a car and adding to the congestion.

As for the garish colour, I can only agree –it’s an unnecessarily vile shade of green!


Ashleigh Road, Horsham