LETTER: Act now to protect our historic town

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Your letters

My family and I are disgusted to hear about the proposal to build on the greenbelt north of Horsham.

There are no benefits for the local community, existing residents or the economy from this monstrous idea.

The plan, which originally promised a new hospital, now includes only vast fields of industrial space, 500,000 sq ft, which we do not need, given the quantity of empty commercial/office/industrial space already available in our area. Constellation Business Park in Guildford has many perpetually empty large units, and is a much better located business hub.

Additionally, Broadlands Business Park in Holbrook has planning permission to extend to approx 260,000 sq ft but this is not being utilised - I can assume through a lack of demand.

These plans are clearly a ploy to prey on planning regulations and line the pockets of American property developers.

This obvious problem is, apparently, not of any interest to ‘current’ local councillors. This ill-conceived proposal also includes up to 4,500 new homes, in addition to 7,000 new houses already approved or in progress near the A24.

The environmental issues this proposal presents are considerable - the imminent increase in pollution, car noise, traffic congestion and parking are about to become intolerable, in addition, our surgeries, schools, leisure facilities and parks are already oversubscribed.

There are no plans to provide any new amenities for the new population about to arrive.

Horsham residents need to act now to protect our historic town and its surrounding greenbelt. What on earth are our councillors thinking of, whose interests are they really representing ?

Yours faithfully


Pondtail Road, Horsham