Letter: Absolutely disgraceful

LOOKING back over the last few months I have come to the conclusion that some members of Horsham District Council must meet together just between themselves to discuss what next they can propose that will upset the residents of Horsham.

In the last few months they have said there will not be the funfair in October, then they questioned whether the French Fest should be held again. It matters not that the town is exceptionally busy on both these two occasions. Perhaps it is a case that they themselves never come into the town centre very often, if at all.

More recently we have had the decision to close down Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre. A facility which is used regularly by many people and if this does happen it will be absolutely disgraceful.

Now we are back to the Old Town Hall which they closed and tried to do a deal with Bill’s Produce Store which came to nothing. I believe as many others do that the Town Hall could be used by the community.

I wonder what is next on the agenda, Swan Walk? No bands in the Carfax on Saturdays?I will not go into the ideas they have for the north of Horsham. What we do need urgently is a hospital within easy reach, but not at the expense of Horsham Hospital which does an excellent job, and NOT a PRIVATE hospital.It is about time the council started listening to the residents who pay their allowances and expenses which I believe are going up this year in spite of all the cuts to services.

They really have a nerve. I remember when the mayor and councillors of a town did not get paid – and were proud to serve the community, in fact thought it was a privilege.What really annoys me and others is that they seem happy to still pay out good money for the monstrosity at the bottom of West Street (the Shelley Fountain).

Horsham is a lovely town with good shops and friendly people – let’s keep it that way. I give a warning to the council - don’t forget we have local elections when we the residents are able to voice our opinions by voting.

I ask all the residents to use their vote wisely and think very carefully who they vote for.


Blunts Way, Horsham