Let’s hope Velo returns in 2019

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I was due to ride last Sunday’s Velo South.

I am naturally disappointed that the event was cancelled and personally stand to lose the cost of hotel accommodation in the local area and my months of training have been slightly in vain, but I have to say the event organisers absolutely made the correct decision to cancel the event due to the weather on Sunday. No issue here for me.

I rode a similar event in July - the Wales Velothon where we were blessed with sunshine and no wind and I have to say for these types of mass participant events, safety of riders and those volunteers helping with the event has to be the number one priority, fact.

I’ve not really followed the protest element against this event but it really depresses me to learn that some locals can’t accept such events.

I hear the cries of ‘you wouldn’t want closed roads and disruption in your village’. My answer would be ‘seriously it wouldn’t bother me, life is just too short!’.

It’s one day, money is raised for charities, money is spent in the local economy. Negative NIMBY attitudes really depress me.

Let’s hope that Velo South will return in 2019. I for one intend to be on the start line.

Jon Penny

Mill Lane, Pitcombe, Somerset