Left cold by the whole occasion

The Jubilee, like the bank holiday weather, left me cold. The Queen is a dinosaur in a tiara and the royal family an expensive anachronism symptomatic of a class bound country with little appetite for true democracy and social equality.

Shame - it is the 21st century after all!

I admit my voice is in the minority but I still feel compelled to shout-out in the hope of generating a debate which currently seems non-existent.

Her Majesty, as a stoic human being, is I agree worthy of

interest but not the kind of mindless worship I witnessed this weekend on the streets of Horsham.

Indeed I actually feel sorry for the Queen and the other Royals - all lonely souls trapped by convention in variously restrictive roles, now long out-moded by social change and social utility.

Duty it seems defines the Queen but duty to what exactly? The daily duty of care fulfilled by most lowly paid teachers, social workers and nurses is much more worthy of celebration but then who wants to celebrate that these days - certainly not the current Government.

I therefore have some sympathy with those early republicans of the French Revolution - although I would have drawn the line at the Guillotine.

But to conclude I metaphorically refer one Queen living in a

fantasy world - the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland - to another living in the ivory towers of Windsor and Sandringham - ‘Off with her head!’

Mark Ramey

Highlands Road, Horsham