Land of milk and honey for all

I always imagine a dark and gloomy basement room, hidden in a dingy side street, lit by a single flickering gas lamp.

Behind grimy windows, with fly-blown curtains, the chairman sits at a bare scrubbed deal table with the only other three members of the Horsham Labour Party, plotting the downfall of the plutocratic ruling parties of the district, leading to the utopia of a socialist-run council with milk and honey for all.

Can David Hide ever say anything positive about anything?

It’s a bit unfair to use the renewal of the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre as a negative for the area. The responsible cabinet member has worked incredibly hard to reach a fair and equitable solution.

Of course it will not please everyone, but nothing ever will. What it does do, is provide a balance, and new, state of the art centre to Horsham for the next 50 years or so.

Why can’t we do more? Because there is no money: Blair, Brown, Balls and whichever Milliband twin is in charge effectively bankrupted UK in a manner which would have meant impeachment in any other country.

So remember that it is all your party’s fault Mr Hide and please try to be a bit more constructive. You might even get the odd vote or two.


(Con) Horsham district councillor for Holbrook West, Haybarn Drive, Horsham