Lack of foresight on unwanted bins

With reference to Horsham District Council’s recent decision to charge for emptying our garden waste. I am a keen gardener and can never find enough green waste to compost, we hardly use our bin so will not therefore be paying £29 for the council to empty it.

However, the bins are designed for the purpose of collection by the council’s lorries and are very sturdy, they will last for many years and I presumed that the council would collect any unwanted bins and redistribute them to those residents who need more than one bin/any residents in new properties.

How wrong I was to imagine the council would act in such an enviromentally responsible manner!

A spokesman for the waste department told me that the council will not be collecting unwanted bins, that the bin is now my responsibility. His best suggestion as to how I should get rid of it was to take it down to the Shoreham dump.

Oh! and no, the bins are NOT recyclable plastic so would have to go into landfill.

Fortunately, having found a local person who needs two bins, our bin will not go into landfill and I won’t have to wrack my brain trying to think of alternative uses.

It would however have been an environmentally sound plan for the council to arrange for collection of any unwanted bins for redistribution.

I have no objection to the charge, however I do object to the council’s lack of foresight in dealing with the bins of those residents who ‘opt-out’ of the scheme.


Penlands Rise, Steyning