Lack of care for our environment

I returned recently from a holiday overseas. Usually it is a pleasure to come home but on this occasion, not so.

As I drove to my house in St Leonards Road I was confronted by a huge puddle across the road, the usual amount of litter and dessicated leaves strewn everywhere in the road and on the pavement.

Who said that Horsham is a desirable place to live? Living in St Leonards Road is like living in the Third World. The water in the road has been a regular feature for the past 20 years.

We could certainly learn a lot from some other countries about looking after our local environment. I will be walking into Horsham on a Saturday to visit the shops. I am sure that as usual I will be dodging the slippery leaves on the pavement, the copious litter, the dog filth and the cyclists on the pavement.

Some of us don’t seem to care - especially the local council.


St Leonards Road, Horsham