Labour’s total mess

YET ANOTHER diatribe from the local Labour Party saying how badly run Horsham is and how much better things would be if only they had control (County Times letters, April 5).

I have lived through three periods when Labour have run the country and every time it has ended up in a total mess. Then during their years of opposition we slowly got back to some sort of prosperity and success only to lose it all again.

The latest period of Blair/Brown has reduced us from a fairly good position to total bankruptcy and we are now reaping the benefits of their incompetence: severe cutbacks in services; no money and an appalling infrastructure.

Locally the Labourites have come virtually last in every election and have no seats anywhere, so they must know the public have no confidence in them at all. That is a great pity seeing what some of the ‘greats’ in their party achieved in the past; the introduction of the NHS for a start.

So I suggest the local members reflect on this before they start lecturing the rest of us. Then dress themselves in sackcloth, cover themselves with ashes, lock themselves in a deep dark cellar, reflect on their appalling mismanagement and come out in about 2020 promising to be good.


Horsham district councillor for Holbrook West

North Street, Horsham