Knepp Estate ‘ruined’

MAY I reply to your article (County Times, July 7) regarding Sir Charles Burrell’s call for support as his project [to dredge the Knepp Castle lake and fund the work by building a bund of inert waste along the line of the A24] reaches a crucial stage.

I have worked in farming most of my life and as a young farmer went on many farm walks around Knepp Estate.

When it was farmed first by Sir Merrick and then Sir Walter and Lady Burrell, it was an estate admired and worked by people proud of its high standard of farming and general care.

Sir Charles has turned a well farmed estate into a wasteland of thistles, docks and ragwort, and been paid to put up miles of deer fencing, new gates, and repair old buildings, by the taxpayers.

There is only a small deer herd, some few long horned cattle and a few wild ponies. In this day and age when we are asked to grow all the food we can, to save importing and help feed starving countries, he has turned a fine working estate into a wasteland.

Now he wants to dump a load of waste on good land to hide buildings he owns, and says it is to help him pay to have his lake dredged, not to make money.

Why can’t he like anyone else with property they want to improve pay out of his money?

He says it is all to help wildlife and go back to nature.

Pondtail Farm was once one of the very best farms around here, admired by many.

No, no and no again this man has ruined Knepp Castle Estate and now wants to do more damage to the area around Shipley. Someone needs to stop him.


Warnham Road, Horsham