‘Knee-jerk plan’ - Broadbridge Heath leisure centre

HAS HDC consulted anyone who uses Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre? Does it even care? Is this just a knee-jerk money-saving scheme? I have contacted 10 Downing Street to advise them of this ludicrous decision.

I have written to No 10:

“Horsham District Council has decided, following a consultants’ report, that Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is ‘surplus to requirements’. As far as I am aware users of the centre were not consulted. The council wants to demolish the building at the end of 2012 as the roof requires replacing at the cost of £1.5m.

“It has 190,000 attendees a year, which will only increase over the next few years as major housing development is currently taking place in the area adjacent to the centre, so how does that make it surplus to requirements?

“It is used by numerous clubs and will,even be used as a base for Olympic training next year. It is a recognised fact that these type of facilities encourage health and may save NHS resources. At a time when the Government and indeed the nation are promoting Olympic events and facilities such as these, how can this centre possibly be deemed ‘surplus to requirements’!

“There is a public meeting on 24-11-2011. We need your help to keep this important community facility open.2

Be assured HDC, we will fight this to the end.


Bell Road, Warnham