Killing Billingshurst

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Parking outside St Catherine’s Hospice Charity shop in the precinct in Billingshurst with my tailgate up, I unloaded three heavy bags in turn up the steps despite my foot in plaster which made it very difficult to walk let alone carry black bags.

The photograph they took as evidence was taken after I had returned and pushed the tailgate button to close up before moving off.

Having finished the job I was speechless to find a parking attendant sticking a £80 ticket on my windscreen.

Clearly he had been watching me struggle with the bags before he pounced… Pity he did not offer to help.

I have appealed but have been told that as my car wheels had gone onto their land I had incurred the fine - not holding out much hope.

I have taken items to this shop from the day it opene - wish I had now put the items in the rubbish bin.

All of this really helps Billingshurst to be a good place to come to!


High Street, Billingshurst