Keep up fight to save village

The slaughter of Storrington - that’s what will happen if we do not all stand together and fight for our downland village.

On October 23, the parish council held an open meeting, to discuss the latest planning application from Waitrose, to enlarge its current store, to one nearly three times its present size, and to include a two storey car park.

A chartered town planner and a chartered engineer were two of five speakers against such a development.

Despite the council chairman’s view that the vast majority of the residents of Storrington are in favour of this development, no-one from this supposed majority could be persuaded to speak.

The decision now passes to Horsham District Council and the members of Save our Storrington, hopefully with much active support, will continue the fight to save our village.

Save our Storrington has no objection, despite what you might have heard, to a modest expansion of the supermarket.

So I ask the people of Storrington: Will you really stand by and see the ancient cedar tree on School Hill be uprooted?

Do you really want to see an area of grassland and many trees destroyed on the western side of Old Mill Lane, so that 54 foot long lorries can negotiate a new roundabout in a single turn?

Do you really want to witness the loss of many long established shops, in return for a vast supermarket, which will completely overwhelm the village?

If approval is given, then we have the prospect of more that a year of demolition and building, in the middle of a residential area, with all the associated noise, dust and serious vibration from much pile driving.

In addition, there will be a vast increase in the number of heavy lorries. For many residents, life will become intolerable.

Do not believe that big companies and vested interests cannot be halted.

They can, when enough people speak loud and long and don’t give up the fight.

Storrington is a very special place. That’s why we live here.

So please join us now. There will no second chance.

You cannot replace an ancient tree and you cannot heal the torn-out heart of a community.

The damage will have been done and the slaughter of Storrington will be complete.

Storrington is worth saving, so make your voice heard and join us in the fight!


Timberlands, Storrington