Keep the BB Heath leisure centre

I SPENT Thursday evening in the Capitol, not watching a film, but listening to the audio version of the cabinet meeting next door, where councillor Jonathan Chowen tried very hard to convince everybody that we should demolish Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre for our own good.

I have been a member of Horsham Blue Star Harriers for seven years and train three times a week and use the track, tube and gym facilities and would hate to see it taken away.

What ever happened to ‘make do and mend’?

I’m sure I’m not the only one saying that we don’t want new facilities built or provided.

If the cabinet would let us know how much they are prepared to spend, surely we could look at either getting sponsorship or fund raising or getting tradesmen to help in a renovation. Aren’t we all supposed to be living in a ‘Big Society’ where we all help each other?

But it seems the cabinet is dead set on its plan to demolish the centre since it is only allowing four weeks before the final decision is made, which is hardly enough time for people to be given a chance to put forward different proposals.

Our club was started in 1925 and now faces a very uncertain future, and the Olympic year I was so looking forward to is now tarnished.


(aged 16 years and a proud member of Horsham Blue Star Harriers)

Hogwood Road, Ifold