Jubilee spirit

Thank you for the souvenir broadsheet edition of the County Times on May 24 giving us an opportunity to look back on the way the paper has helped reflect who we are in West Sussex, especially over the past 60 years leading up to this year’s Jubilee celebrations.

In the current economic climate it is good to reflect on, amongst other things, the resilience of the people in Sussex that has seen us through previous difficult economic times, and to see evidence of that resilience still present in communities in the county.

We have been especially heartened to see the way that local shops and businesses throughout the county have decked themselves up to present a cheerful optimistic front to mark the rare historic Diamond Jubilee. Not least in Billingshurst where along with other towns and villages we celebrated the event – in our case with a family fun afternoon of various activities.

We are sure that along with other communities, the celebrations offered us all a chance to enjoy the benefits of life in this wonderful county; the people, wildlife and landscapes and the chance to think on how we can continue to support and nurture the local economy, those shops and businesses, in ways that respect the heritage reflected over the years by the West Sussex County Times.


On behalf of the Billingshurst Jubilee Celebrations Committee, Rosier Way, Billingshurst