Jolly well done for town celebration

I just wanted to make reference to the Jubilee celebrations in Horsham town on the Bank Holiday Monday.

It is very rare that my wife and I go into Horsham with the exception of shopping and perhaps even more rare to go in together (most husbands would probably have some affinity with this) but, what a great day we had, starting with a classic bus ride in to town from the Park and Ride, a facility we had never used before, and then the whole atmosphere of the town centre particularly around the Carfax where we enjoyed lots of great music and dancing throughout the afternoon, with an abundance of local stalls to buy tea, coffee and good food.

Obviously there must have been a “Team” of people organising all of this.

I am sure Horsham District Council had a hand in this as well as a lot of other private groups or clubs – all I can is “Jolly well done” to everyone involved and helped to make the day such a success for the enjoyment of others.

We are so pleased that we came to Horsham for the day.


Partridge Green