Israeli experience first hand

FURTHER to letters in the County Times of July 28 in response to my Israel experience, I would just like to fully endorse the comments made by Anne Rumney.

The experience she describes is so wonderful and confirming for any Christian. I have had seven such experiences myself and have certainly never felt in danger or under threat.

However look below the surface and see what the resident Christians and Muslims experience and the situation sadly is very different.

Those who live on the West Bank in their 44th year of occupation, are asking for our help, they do not have the freedom of movement that we in organised Israeli Government approved groups have.

I lived on the West Bank for four months in 2008 and frankly have to say I could not believe how naïve and short sighted I had been on previous ‘accredited organised group visits’.

Readers should be aware that there is a big difference between those Israeli Palestinians living in greater Israel and those in the occupied West Bank, whose land is being gradually annexed and their freedom of movement increasingly limited.

With regards to the comments from the Israeli Embassy, I am sure they are speaking from what they have been told by phone, email etc.

Suffice it to say that I speak from personal experience, as a mature person with love and respect for both Israel and Palestine, an experience which I found very challenging to my belief in democracy and human rights and made me very aware of how it must be as a West Bank Palestinian.


West Chiltington