Insights into teenager issues for Horsham parents

ST JOHN’S Church in Broadbridge Heath is going to be hosting a DVD course for parents of teenagers, which includes some great tips on how to make the most of our children’s teenage years, on Wednesdays in June and July at 8pm.

Topics include communication issues, boundaries, peer pressure, identity, drugs and sexuality.

The practical six session course designed to help parents develop their parenting skills, has been running in hundreds of venues around the UK since 2008.

Every stage of a child’s life brings its ups and downs – and the teenage years are no exception. What’s different with the teenager years is that parents don’t get a chance to chat to each other at the school gate like they used to when their children were at primary school.

This can leave parents feeling quite isolated in knowing how best to cope with the steady stream of challenges that their teenage kids present. This DVD-based course aims to bring parents together to share ideas and insights with each other one so that together we can move from enduring our teenagers to enjoying having them around.

The feedback from parents who have attended the course has been really positive. One parent said: “I really appreciated the opportunity to hear other people’s experiences and realising that I am not alone with my parenting issues. Many of the problems are common ones.” Another parent commented: “I enjoyed hearing about practical strategies from parents who had come out the other side of the teenage years.”

Any parent is welcome to the course which starts on Wednesday June 8. The cost is £5 per person and includes a course manual and refreshments. For more information about the Parenting Teenagers Course, and to book a place please contact


Parenting Teenagers course leader

Church Road, Broadbridge Heath