Innovative proposals

HAVING previously lived in Lewes, I was delighted to read in last week’s County Times that we now have the strong possibility of having a Bill’s Produce Store and Cafe in Horsham.

When Bill’s came to Lewes it completely invigorated an old building and brought it back to life and we should all hope that it will do the same for the Old Town Hall in Horsham.

I understand that from what seems a totally disproportionate amount of publicity given to him, that a Mr Mayfield, or is it something called the Blue Flash, which he seems to run, has constantly opposed attempts to do something realistic and innovative with this old building and caused considerable delay.

Not knowing either name, I ‘Googled’ Mr Mayfield and I find that he is a writer of stories including one in which strange and wonderful things come to pass when the Old Town Hall flies away! (for anyone interested see

We used to come to Horsham in the late 1990s and the change in the feel and the energy of the town since then is really good to see and Bill’s will add to this. I really hope that the council will have nothing more to do with Mr Mayfield’s make-believe world and that they will do all they can to get this old building back into positive use as soon as possible.


North Heath Lane, Horsham