Information missing

HAVING read the report produced for Horsham District Council and attended the cabinet meeting, it seems that there is a lot of information missing.

If the HDC is proposing to close the BBH centre on economic grounds then we need to know the full facts.

1. How much is the leisure centre costing HDC to operate at the moment?

2. How much will it cost to repair?

3. How much will it cost to relocate the various clubs and societies that currently use the centre?

4. How much will the land be sold for or how much rental income will it produce?

At the council meeting, the chairman Robert Nye stated that he was sure land could be found to build a running track.

Considering how long it has taken to find land for Horsham Football Club I find that hard to believe. Why spend money on building a new track when we have got one now?

If there is an over-supply of gyms and sports halls, why are they all so well used? There is not an over-supply of running tracks, badminton courts, rehearsal areas for musicals and plays, and indoor athletic facilities.

At a time when we are encouraging people to exercise more this is totally the wrong time to close facilities.

So HDC, think again.


Pinewood Close, Broadbridge Heath