‘Inexplicable’ Barns Green school decision

Many will have been puzzled, when the application for a new school at Barns Green, was turned down last night and they must wonder how the decision fits with “Localism”.

The Barns Green School project clearly had a lot going for it, along with local benefits and contributions from S106 and from WSCC.

The local community had worked hard to get it to this stage, but had not apparently identified a need for affordable, or social housing.

In the circumstances it does not seem sensible to have turned down the Application, in an attempt to secure Affordable Homes, when building of the school clearly needs to get underway during the summer holidays.

Anyone who has lived in a village understands the benefit of having a local school and there must now be concern that the Developer will turn his attention elsewhere, leaving the children without their school.

Surely Localism is about optimising benefits for the Community, rather than being distracted by some arbitrary rule on Affordable Housing.

The decision last night was inexplicable and we need to get back to government for the people, by the people and soon.

Roger Arthur

by email