Implications of metering supply

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Regarding page four of the County Times of August 2, no one doubts the need to conserve water, but I find it hard to believe Southern Water’s customer engagement manager’s claim that she knows of only four examples in two years of customers not wanting meters.

If this is the case, it must be because there was no hint that metering was optional, and I would like to claim the distinction of becoming number five.

Our bill, for a family of four, will have risen nearly 100 per cent by 2015. If as she claims ‘the split of those better and worse off would be around 50/50’, I wouldn’t mind betting the savings are miniscule compared with the price increases.

I would be much happier if the extra revenue went towards helping those more vulnerable and not into the pockets of shareholders, but it seems that those in low rateable properties with high occupancy will be worst hit of all.


Oakhill Road, Horsham