Impact of county refuse policy

Regarding your article ‘Deadline for survey on waste disposal sites approaches’, may I add the point not mentioned, waste traffic already on our roads.

It was understood at time of planning permission sought by Biffa for a bio-treatment facility that there would not be a massive increase in waste traffic to the brickworks as the landfill became full and witnessed a reduction in usage.

The bio-treatment facility would also assist in avoiding the European high tax on landfill.

Why is the brickworks included again for increase usage for waste?

To quote county councillor Lionel Barnard from your article, ‘We appreciate that no one wants a waste site near them’.

The residents of Warnham and Kingsfold have suffered the landfill site near them for many years and have suffered the terrible smells that make you feel unwell; the noise and dirt; the dirty waste lorries whizzing round Great Daux roundabout/ A264; the flies that infest your home when the covers are lifted from the site; the birds that scavenge, and the ever increasing height of the landfill mountain visible from Warnham, Kingsfold and beyond!

To quote Lionel Barnard, ‘the key point is that we produce waste and this waste has to be managed’.

How can we manage the waste from our homes and the thousands of new homes being built in Horsham if our facilities are full of other people’s waste from other parts of the county?

With each of the thousands of new homes built, potentially come one or more cars on our congested roads. And with each home comes three waste bins!

I believe we in Horsham, and Warnham, have enough waste to deal with without taking all the county’s waste.

You have to ask, why does county keep trying to use this corner of the county as the dumping ground for everyone’s waste?

Our roads, the A264 and the accident prone A24, are already loaded with large vehicles so to increase the waste lorries coming to the brickworks site would seem total madness.

If this was county’s, and Biffa’s, plan all along to expand the usage of the brickworks site, then why was this not mentioned during the planning procedure by Biffa for the bio-treatment plant at the brickworks?


Mayes Lane, Warnham