Impact of change

NO, NO, NO, Mr Chowen – not the dreaded phrase ‘state-of-the-art’ regarding our proposed new recreation centre at Broadbridge Heath.

Horsham does not need a Portcullis House, with imported Italian flooring and specialists plants in the reception with glittering, designed lighting nor hand-crafted furniture for the managers’ offices.

What is needed is a well-built centre without luxury, just functional (and expected to last far more than 25 years), with all facilities under one roof.

We learned to swim 70 years ago in an old Victorian pool in London – it is still standing and in use. Doesn’t say much for the company that built Broadbridge Heath centre does it!

You quoted that some activities, ie badminton, etc would be elsewhere but you evidently have not thought this through regarding the 50-plus users. Most of us go for the whole day but if we have to travel between venues, what will happen regarding entry fees?

We pay approximately £5 for the day and just under £4 for half day. Will this cover us at other venues? If not you will be cutting down our treasured Thursdays meeting friends, old and new, as most of us partake in three if not four activities and as many are pensioners, could not afford a fee at each venue.

Lastly, have you considered the impact of new members from the nearby 2,000 houses when built, plus many other new homes in the district? How will you fit everyone into a smaller centre?

Like our coalition Government, common sense is being ignored.


Robinswood Court, Horsham