Human kindness is alive and well

On Friday January 25 I had the misfortune to slip over in The Causeway in Horsham which as I am now in my 80s left me bleeding from a cut above my eye and shaken up.

However, I was fortunate in that it demonstrated the depth of human kindness that is alive and well in Horsham.

While I was waiting for an ambulance to arrive a first aid kit and staff from the dental surgery across the road came to my assistance.

One of the passers-by noticed that as a result of my fall I had broken my glasses.

While I was being tended to by the ambulance service this kind lady rushed off to Specsavers and returned with a replacement pair in time for me to take with me when I was taken to have my cuts and bruises treated by the staff in the minor injuries unit at Horsham Hospital.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those concerned for the help and assistance which they gave to me and hope that you can recognise this by publishing this letter.


St Marys Gardens, Horsham