Housing issues

I NOTE that some of the district council expressed surprise and concern regarding the road layout for the houses west of the A24 at Horsham.

At the initial meeting about this development grave concerns were raised not only about the roads on the west side but also the fact that all the houses on the east side are coming on to the A24.

But the man in Chichester seems to have prevailed once again. Other issues raised were that all the houses had rain harvesting with grey water systems built in at the time of building, also solar roof panels, but these were laughed out of court.

Now with the ongoing drought and the continuous rise in energy prices it seems quite sensible. Also in your last edition, I note that although HDC has given planning permission for an extension to Easteds Barn in Southwater, it still wants to control the use of parish council buildings and, given its track record at Horsham Town Hall and Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, this seems a bit rich.


Cripplegate Lane, Southwater