Horsham Town hall for public

HOW I agree with your correspondents that we need Horsham’s old town hall in Market Square back again for the use of the townspeople.

Peggy Gledhill always puts her finger on the nub of problems (letters November 10), and has been instrumental in putting much right in the past.

The Blue Flash Trust is convinced it can access funds for the repairs, and then run it to cover its costs – so there would be everything to gain by letting the trust prove itself – not to do so looks irrational, and as if there is a vendetta against the trust.

East Street is another case in point – pedestrianisation is far from being proved, and makes deliveries and servicing the shops very difficult indeed for the small individual businesses, which are so useful to us and give the town character.

It seems very unfair and unjust to impose new conditions on those businesses, which signed leases some years ago, which they cannot get out of, if the new conditions are adverse.

It looks as if those who can get out are doing so – some of them old established businesses, such as the electrical shop and the florist, which we shall miss very much – the newer businesses tend to come and go anyway.

We ordinary townsfolk, running businesses and doing our shopping, seem to have to bow to the pundits and their specialist views all the time, yet many of them do not have town centre experience or voters.

It takes me back again to the original debate on all the changes made to the town for the benefit of Sun Alliance, when I asked what would happen to all the empty offices and the town centre, if they should go broke or move to Liverpool – and effectively that is what has happened.

But it was imposed on us, and the result is 40 per cent of the space is now empty and decaying, and blighting the centre.


Trafalgar Road, Horsham