Horsham’s rainfall records

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A CORRESPONDENT in last week’s edition asked for rainfall records in Horsham.

My purely amateur records, covering the past 9.5 years, show that:

The driest month is June (average rainfall 41 mm)

The wettest month is November (average 118 mm)

The driest year was 2005 (617 mm)

The wettest year was 2002 (1182 mm)

The driest individual month was April 2011 (2 mm), closely followed by April 2007 (3 mm).

The wettest individual month was November 2009 (221 mm)

June and July 2006 were the driest consecutive months (18 mm total)

November and December 2002 were the wettest consecutive months (359 mm total)

In terms of this year’s rainfall, each of March, April and May 2011 were the driest months for the past 10 years.

That period of drought (just 41 mm in 3 months) has now been followed by 92 mm in the first 17 days of June 2011, making it the wettest June in the past 10 years, regardless of what happens for the rest of the month.

It is interesting to reflect that more rain fell in a single 15-minute period at around 8pm yesterday evening (Friday June 17th) than for the entire month of April this year. Such are the vagaries of the English climate!


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