Horsham’s loss

CAMBRIDGE 2 Horsham 0 - no this is not a football score but a loss of a longer lasting nature.

While in Cambridge last Saturday visiting my younger son and his girlfriend, I noticed one of the latest retail outlets, namely Bill’s Café and Store, in Green Street.

Ring any bells? It should do, it is the one that could have opened in Horsham in the old Town Hall in Market Square.

Whatever the reason (and I believe it was a mix of dithering and party politics on Horsham District Council’s part and unrealistic attempts to promote an arts or music centre) Cambridge has once more beaten us to it.

Older residents will also recall that it was Cambridge which originally said no to the Rising Universe which was later fobbed-off to us in Horsham! The new Bill’s in Cambridge is extremely popular already and joins its successful cousins at Lewes, Brighton, Covent Garden and Reading.

It is a great pity we were not able to secure one for Horsham.


Fairview, Horsham